Cysylltu / Contact

Am fwy o wybodaeth, i brynnu darn o waith neu i drafod comisiwn, cysylltwch a mi ar yr e-bost isod gyda’ch manylion cyswllt ac mi fyddaf mewn cysylltiad.

For more information, to buy a work of art or to discuss a commission, please e-mail me with your contact details and I will be in touch.

6 thoughts on “Cysylltu / Contact

  1. Elin, this work is beautiful! I love it and am following you. Getting one of your works has just gone on my motivation for selling postcards list. Sending kisses from France. Diane

  2. Thank you so much Diane, that’s really nice to hear! I hope it’s nice and sunny for you in France! I was sad to hear that hidden cabin came to an end, i use your bags every day! xx

  3. Haia Elin – wrth fy modd efo dy waith newydd! Os ti awydd arddangos yn siop Adra yng Nglynllifon (neu arlein!), rho showt! X

    1. Diolch Angharad, bydde hyny’n gret. Mi fyddai’n brysur yn y misoedd nesa yn neud mwy, nai drefnu dod i weld ti pan fydd genai stoc.
      Gobeithio bo chi’n ok acw, welai di’n fuan te, diolch x

  4. What beautiful art work, where are you based? Do you have shop gallery in mid Wales? If so where as I am visiting Machynellth lots?!!xx

    1. HellO! Thank you so much for your comment! I work from home just outside of machynlleth, but come of my work is in Siop Alys in machynlleth which is situated in the Owain Glyndwr Institute (opposite the library). i will have new work there on the weekend hopefully! Otherwise i put all my work up on the website and you can buy direct (although its always nice to see it isnt it!) Elin x

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